Debate of the Future

            The Debate of the Future project is an Action 1.2 project within the Youth in Action Programme, developed by Millennium Center Association. The duration of the project is 12 months – September 2008 – September 2009. It has 3 major stages. The main theme is to get initiative into your own hands and create future for yourself.

            First stage of the project will be changing the view of our city in direct meaning. we intend to find three abandoned buildings and through complex research on them to write a text book for each building on the topic: "How to make this building work again for the benefit of us and our city?". Through this research we will discover the history of our local environment connected with those buildings and we will make our whole project visible. How? To discover the history of those buildings we will need among all to visit local officials, interview the neighbors, research newspapers and else. Result of our research will be published on the project's website in the first place. Next for each of these buildings there will be written kind of CV with portfolio. For our project and for future investors or other interested persons. These manuals for buildings will be starting point for a second stage of our project.

            The second stage of the project is represented by a series of debates among local community. Karl Popper debates to which we intend to involve local volunteers, EVS volunteers present in Arad County and all citizens of Arad who are concerned about their city as much as we are. These debates will not only decide about the future of abandoned buildings - they will have deeper meaning. Invited guests will have a chance of joining in active way to the life of local community. For us - initiative group, it will be excellent practice of how to involve others and convince them to take initiative in own hands in order to change our local environment for a better. It will be lesson for us - future youth leaders of how to approach and involve possible target groups. It will be multiplying results of our work at the beginning of stage 2 of our project. In stage number 1 we involve ourselves into our local community's life, in the second we involve other people who wish to make a change. Change not only from the narrow point of view of three buildings but in the much wider perspective - European Parliament elections in 2009.

            6 debates on the themes of:

- 3 debates on the topic of buildings found in stage 1

- 1 debate on the topic of European Parliament elections and YiA

- 1 debate on the topic of racism, xenophobia and stereotypes

- 1 debate on the topic of youth issues and addictions.

            After elections and debates we will involve in the project our partners from abroad more directly. Through the stages 1 and 2 our partner organizations’ role is to foreseen results of our work. How? On the basis of our newsletter regularly provided for each subscriber we will inform about progress of the project. For our partner organization from abroad this newsletter will represent information about upcoming challenges connected with our project. These challenges will need to be analyzed by them and on the basis of that analyze they will need to predict the results of our actions. From the very first consulting point there we'll start intercultural dialog between our countries. In stage number 3 our partners will get to sum up all gathered experiences and visit us in order to complete all project's tasks.

            The very last activity will be an outdoor activity “Arad September Tour” – in September 2009 – a bicycle tour of Arad city.