Millennium Center Association

Romania Romania

Millennium Center Association was founded in April 2000, in Arad, a town with 180 000 inhabitants from the west part of Romania. Its purpose is to promote youth interest on economic, social, politic, cultural and educational levels.

The OBJECTIVES of Millennium Center Association are the following ones:

- Having the knowledge and respecting all the legal rights and obligations by young people, advocating the youth in their relation with the central and local authorities;

- Promoting democratic principles and combating the totalitarian system and extremist ideology;

- Promoting the ecologist principle, the environment protection and educating the young generation in the nature protection spirit;

- Organizing cultural-artistic spectacles, sportive contests and educational entertainment;

- Informing young people about the educational, cultural and social opportunities;

- Promoting a new inter-cultural and European dimension.

Coordinating Team