Sixth Debate



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Dear friends,

Millennium Center Association is implementing at the moment a project within Youth in Action Porgramme, Action 1.2 – youth initiatives, named „Debate of the Future”. The project started in September last year and will be ending in September of this year. The project has 3 stages. First stage is represented by activity done by the group initiative of finding 3 abandoned buildings and gives them a new purpose in the local society. In the second part of the project here will be organized a series of Karl Popper debates on different topics, and in the last part there will be a transnational debate, where 20 youngsters will participate from 5 countries: Germany, Bulgaria, Italy, Slovenia and of course, Romania. The final activity of this project will be represented by a bicycle race "Everybody is a winner", in September 2009.

The participants can gain abilities like:

-    Argumenting and contra argumenting

-    Developing critical spirit

-    Team work

-    Time management

-    Situation management

Do you have something to say? Do you want to be heard? Now it’s you chance!Our motion from 27 July 2009 is: “There should be established a facility on Gheorghe Lazar Street no 11” (strategy debate).

Even if you are for or against, join us and tell us your opinion, don’t stay away. We are waiting for you.

The event will take place on 27 July from 12.00 within the Millennium Center Association, Unirii Street no 5, 2nd floor, 4th apartment.

Best wishes,

Millennium Center Team