Project Announcement



Dear friends,

    Millennium Center Association have the honor to inform you that there are some free places for those of you who would like to participate in the transnational youth initiative project “Debate of the Future”.

    We are searching enthusiast persons which would like to participate in the first stage of the project. This stage will concentrate in taking initiative in own hands regarding the future of 3 selected abandoned buildings from Arad. This meaning to find ideas how to make the buildings again functional and benefic for the youth and the local community. It will also be about doing some research upon the 3 buildings, who is the owner, short history of the place and searching national or international founds through which the selected buildings can become something more.

    After ending this first stage, between April and July, Millennium Center Association wants to implement the second stage – organizing a series of Karl Popper debates on important and actual subjects of what the local community is facing day by day.

    During the third stage of the project all the participants, including the ones that have participated in the previous stages will be invited to take part in meetings organized in Romania with youngsters from Germany, Italy, Bulgaria and Slovenia, from project partners of Millennium Center Association within the “Debate of the Future”. These meeting will be organized within one week in august 2009.

    Participating in these meetings, youngsters will have opportunities like:

-    Gaining experience in team work on a local level-    Learning about projects from a European level-    Improve English skills-    Become known persons in the local community-    Influence changes within the local community-    Receive a participation certificate in a project supported by the European Union

      The costs necessary for project activities fill be covered for the participants.The ones interested are asked to contact us until 15 february by e-mail at debate.millenniumcenter@gmail.comContact person is Alina RacovitaAssociation telephone number 00 40 357 408 527, and address Unirii street no. 5, 2nd floor, 5th apartment, 310123 postal code, Arad, Romania – Millennium Center Association.

We wish you all the best, 

Debate of the Future Team