Millennium Center Association is inviting you to the inauguration of a photo exhibition which will take place Friday, 10 July starting with 18.00, within the formal “Corleone” complex situated before the main entrance of the Neptun Strand. The exhibition is organized by Rotar Act Club Cetate in collaboration with Millennium Center Association, the exhibition being entitled  “Sun Fortrace” and it will be opened for public starting from Friday 10 July until Sunday 12 July.

The exhibition will include picture from 2 projects coordinated by Millennium Center Association: “Stakeholders in Action” and “Debate of the Future”. From the behalf of the association, 10 persons will present their photographic creations within this exhibition lasting 3 days. Partners within the implementing of “Stakeholders in Action” project are: Covasat Town Hall, Seitin Town Hall, Paulis Town Hall, Timisoara City Hall and “Dumitru Cimageanu” School Center for Inclusive Education from Timisoara, and fro the project “Debate of the Future” partner is “Eleba Ghiba Birta” National College, both projects being financed by the European Commission through the National Agency of Romania within Youth in Action.

Also visitors can obtain more information about the Millennium Center Association, about the coordinated projects and other activities, through a small stand within the exhibition.

Hope to see you there,

Millennium Center Team